What is a Airbnb property manager? Why do you need one?

Why would you need one?

Whether you’re a home owner or an investor, you have probably heard about property managers. You probably have some knowledge about what a rental property manager does, ie. sources and manages tenants for owners or landlord and ensure they make rental payments and look after the property, but what about a short stay (Airbnb) property manager.

What’s the difference?
Airbnb property management by definition is not management of a rental tenancy as the person/people (Tenant) aren’t living’ there. They are just ‘staying’ as guests for a short period of time.

Think more about a Hotel / Motel arrangement with rooms in different locations and different room owners. Think about the number of transactions (bookings) there are over a month compared to a tenancy’s one. Think about the constant organisation involved in arranging cleaners and trades on time especially if there is a quick turnaround on the same day between a check out and a check in. Let alone if the mattress protector needs replacing.

Don’t forget the advertising. Not just one advert in Trademe every so often, with one unchanging weekly rate but the ongoing daily changing nightly rate, adapting to market dynamics of demand and conditions.

The listings advert across multi channels who each have their own unique way of displaying the properties and the details and payment terms.

There needs to be clear and constant communication with tenants but this is only to one group of people over a long time period. Not the continual messaging right from when they first say hello to you about staying in your lovely place, to the day before leaving when you remind them to leave the place in a good condition. Oh, and what to do with the access keys so they don’t accidently take them with them on the plane back to New York.

All this work does result in a lot more income than a tenancy that more than out ways the work but it is a lot of work. 24 hours and 365 days a year. No such thing as sleep due to international date lines and certainly no such thing as public holidays. BBQ’s still need to work on Xmas day.

Sometimes issues do arise and you need to act swiftly.

You may be keen to take this on yourself but there is a much simpler and cost-effective way to handle this.

A property manager will take this all off your hands.


Why use a property manager?

It’s a simple answer: You get your life back while maximising your income and knowing your asset is being looked after!

All they will ask you to do is make sure the property has everything needed for someone to stay and use the property. You then give the property manager the wifi details and the access keys. They will then take over and do ever thing for you.

You just sit back and enjoy the money when it lands in your bank account. With the huge bonus of knowing your property is being well looked after with eyes constantly on it. You still have access to the property with flexibility to change with the market both the use of the property and the nightly rates.

Nothing is locked in.
A dream situation!


Why Pillo?

Pillo will do it all for you. Maximising your returns, minimising the risks and making it all hassle free for you.

As a boutique property management company Pillo is able to offer a personalised wraparound service. From helping to get the property ready for guests to use, through crafting and listing ads, handling everything to do with the channel listings and pricing, bookings and guests. Managing access keys to turn key management of cleans and provision of hotel-quality linens and amenities.

Right through to taking care of maintenance and ensuring the physical integrity of your property is always at its best.

Guest and property issues are fully handled for you with you being kept informed.

NZ owned and operated with the added advantage the owner is involved in the day-to-day operation of the business. We know the market and the people and the environment.

The Pillo office is in a prominent position in the CBD allowing Pillo to be visible and accessible to both Guests and Owners.

Pillo goes above and beyond to provide a great service.

We do it all – you collect the income ????

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