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Here are some quick answers to questions you may have.

Which Properties are Ideal?

As with any commodity, the most successful are those that appeal to the greatest number of targeted customers. For short-stay accommodation, being able to suit the needs of both tourist and business travellers helps increase the potential occupancy and return.

The most profitable Airbnb’s are centrally located, furnished investment homes or apartments, or are within close proximity of both the CBD and airport.

How many bedrooms earns the most?

The room rental per night is usually relative to the number of people that can stay. Two bedrooms therefore does better than one. It can be very cost-effective accommodation when the guests spilt the rental amongst themselves.

Being able to offer more than one bed allows travellers to have a bed each. Not all travellers want to share beds e.g. families with daughter and son, business colleagues and sports teams.

Sofa beds and put up or roll-aways help increase the bed count.

Does my property have to be brand new and or furnishings new?

Guests choose to use Airbnb because they like the concept of being in a home environment, being all together and self-catering. They are more interested in the ambiance of the premises, and look beyond any normal family wear and tear.

The location is important, and the property must be 100% clean with nothing broken or badly damaged.

Furnishings do not have to be expensive but a budget or rundown look will earn a budget price.

It can also affect the guest’s overall attitude to the experience and they may give you a lower review than you actually deserve.

Pillo will help you craft your property’s presentation, and source and install furniture and home décor, to create the right look and feel, so your guests will have the best experience.

What sort of décor should we have?

You want to offer a great experience to your guests as well as stand out on the booking platform. Pillo recommends that you try to avoid making your property look like a stark investment or hotel.

Guests like to stay in a comfortable, clean and relaxing home-like environment.

Clever theming by picking up colours and themes from a main piece of artwork can make your property unique and attractive to guests.

Home décor and styling does not need to be expensive. Pillo can help you here.

How Do You Vet Guests?

Troublesome guests are always a worry for property owners new to Airbnb. Fortunately, with some clever procedures, they almost never even consider staying at our properties!

First, Airbnb has a strong guest ID verification and review process, along with a reputation and feedback system. Unruly guests will quickly be weeded out.

Second, after handling thousands of bookings, our guest services team has a good eye for red flags and unusual situations which require additional scrutiny, questioning or attention.

Our guest communications are carefully designed with this in mind.

Last, we have several internal strategies and policies to curtail situations before they even become a possibility. All in all, most people are trustworthy and honorable, and are grateful for the hospitality – and our track record proves it!

How Do I Know My Property Will Be Treated Well?

Attractive and professional listings attract courteous and professional guests. Most, if not all of our guests are upstanding community members or respectful international holidayers. The misbehavers read our listings and rules and move on to properties with more naïve hosts.

Our internal policies and strategies reduce considerably the risk of unwanted guests and behaviour. For example, we don’t permit bookings made the same day, since they’re likely looking for a last minute party pad! We pitch our pricing to attract the right type of guest.

All guests are made fully aware of all premises’ rules and regulations before they arrive, which are documented in the premises’ house guide.

We also proactively communicate with guests to ensure their comfort and understanding. With all parties on the same page, things go smoothly.

We have eyes on the property before and after each stay to make sure everything is in order.

If something happens, a staff member is on call and nearby (Auckland Central) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The review system on Airbnb allows you to see the market comments about our service. We are also happy to put you in touch with our current clients – we’re confident they will all give you a glowing reference!

What If Guests Damage Something?

We should mention first that this is a very uncommon occurrence – most guests are extremely courteous and treat your property respectfully.

However, we do recognise that over time things can happen. If it’s an inconsequential item, we will arrange for it to be repaired or replaced.

For issues worth chasing up, we will reach out to the guest on your behalf and work with them to make things right, which most do straight away. If there is a disagreement regarding the responsibility, we will pursue the matter using the Airbnb resolution centre, which mediates and helps decide and enforce the outcome. If the matter is severe, we will work with law enforcement to address and resolve the issue.

If requested we can arrange a bond to the part to the booking.

How Does Insurance Work?

Pillo recommends that you notify your insurance provider to ensure that your property is adequately covered for this use. Ensure that you have Replacement Insurance and Public Liability Insurance, and that they include the usual risks with short term tenancies.

Airbnb does have a “Host Guarantee” protection found here: https://www. airbnb.co.nz/guarantee; however, we caution you to read the restrictions carefully as it can only be claimed in certain specific situations, and is not to be relied upon as proper insurance. Pillo cannot and does not take any responsibility for insurance of your property, possessions, or surrounding areas.

What Are the Tax Implications?

Short stay vacation rentals fall within the commercial dwelling definitions and are a GST activity. If your gross earnings are greater than $60k then you must register for GST.

It is a business venture so there are income tax considerations. We strongly advise you to contact your accountant for specific advice.

Is My Money Protected?

100%. We take our fiduciary duties and obligations very seriously. We keep a separate trust account for our clients’ rental income, so it is not comingled with our operating funds. All guest and owner money is receipted into and paid from this trust account, which is ring-fenced and fully separate from Pillo’s own operating account.

What are other costs?

Short stay accommodation owners are required to provide the basic utilities such as power, water and internet.
Pillo can help you source and manage your relationship with service providers.

Key difference short stay accommodation and normal tenancy?

There are two key differences between short stay vacation rental and tenancies – namely, the reasons for the stay and the length of the stay.

The guest’s intention is not to live in the property but to be a guest as they would in a hotel or motel.

Guests only stay a short or specific period of time, on average 3 to 4 days, or a couple of weeks.

There are legal, tax and council rating differences between short stay and tenancy accommodation:

Short stays less than 28 days do not fall within the definition of a Tenant under the Tenancy Act.

Short stay accommodation is a GST activity. If your gross earnings are greater than $60k then you must register for GST.

Various City Councils are or have introduced bed taxes and reclassified the accommodation from residential to business use. Level of rates applied depends on location and the number of nights the property has been booked.

Insurance companies need to be informed as they may have different cover requirements.

Short stay properties need to be fully furnished and equipped to accommodate guests.

Owners are also required to provide the basic utilities such as power, water and internet.

What if we want to use the property?

That’s easy. All you need to do is check the availability on the calendar, contact Pillo (email is best), and we’ll block those dates off for you. Let us know if you want any linen. You will be required to pay for an after-stay clean.

I’m going on holiday and thinking about renting my home out, what’s the minimum period you handle?

Our minimum period is 8 to 10 weeks. For short stay to be successful it needs to have some market presence and a history of good reviews and depending on the season, which can take time. During the peak season (November to March) this is easier to achieve over a short period of time but is more difficult during the down season due to the reduced number of potential guests looking.

There are also high set-up costs, but once a listing has been compiled it can always be used again!

What people are saying

“Thank you Sue for the fantastic communication and making our stay awesome”  - Staverton (Guest)

“Beautiful apartment in a great location with awesome hosts!" - Astrid (Guest)

“We have spent a happy and warmful vocation in Auckland. Thanks for Pillo's professional service.” - Liqiang (Guest)