Travelling Light: ✈️ 🛳️ 🧳 Luggage Hotel Storage

Travelling Light - The Art of Sightseeing Without the Burden of Luggage in Auckland CBD

Travelling Light: ✈️ 🛳️ 🧳 The Art of Sightseeing Without the Burden of Luggage in Auckland CBD   Have you ever found yourself in the vibrant heart of Auckland CBD, bursting with excitement to explore its urban delights, only to be weighed down by the cumbersome burden of luggage? It’s a common dilemma faced by […]

Our Sustainability Journey: Be a part of our journey

At Pillo Property, we’re excited to share our commitment to a more sustainable future. Over the next 12 months, we’re making strides to transition our properties into eco-friendly havens. Our focus on sustainability extends to the careful selection of products, and we’re proud to highlight we have chosen to use renowned Eco Store household and hygiene products, among other reputable brands.

Assumptions, fairness and expectations – knowledge is key…

These three little words are interlinked and powerful. Wrap them in the K-word and you form the basis for good business. Failure in any of them and you have issues. As property managers, we are constantly trying to second guess what a guest’s expectations are. Not easy considering we have no idea of their emotional […]

What is a Airbnb property manager? Why do you need one?

What is Property Management - Pillo Property Auckland

Why would you need one? Whether you’re a home owner or an investor, you have probably heard about property managers. You probably have some knowledge about what a rental property manager does, ie. sources and manages tenants for owners or landlord and ensure they make rental payments and look after the property, but what about […]